Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chat Thai, Galeries Victoria

The fried rice and boat noodles are classics and are made on the spot. I love how there’s lots of fresh vegetables in the fried rice so it’s surprisingly light (but filling).

Taste-wise, they’re exactly what I’m after. The boat noodles come in pork or beef, and the soup is full of flavour but not intoxicatingly. Plus, bonus points - the deep-fried crackle on the top of the noodles! That’s one of the main reasons why I order them. The bean sprouts kind of make you feel like you’re being healthy, too.

Although it’s already doing roaring business, I’m surprised that Chat Thai in Galeries Victoria isn’t more well-known. Galeries Victoria only did finish renovating their food court a few months ago, but Chat Thai was around pre-renovation, albeit with a limited menu. It’s good to see they’ve stuck around and increased what’s on offer too (although I have noticed some of the prices have crept up).

Cost: Fried rice $9.90, Boat noodles $10.90.

Value: Put it this way - there’s cheaper Thai on Newtown’s King street (those $6 plates just can’t be beaten), but this isn’t Sailors Thai, either. Plus, the variety at Chat Thai extends beyond pad thai. I’d cough up the money for authentic, tasty Thai that doesn’t make you want to down litres of water afterwards.

Speed: A bit of a line to order but it moves swiftly, after that, about a 5 minute wait (see tip).

Take-away: Offered, but after the hassle of picking up packaged noodles and soup, taking it back to your office and unpacking it again, why bother? Go for it if it’s soup-less, though.

Eating at your desk: See above. Rice is relatively easy to eat at the desk (with a spoon…) but noodles can be tricky - watch the splatter.

Tip: Get there before 1pm to avoid the queues and the packed food court. After 1pm, the wait easily triples.

Recommendation: This is one of my regulars, so at the risk of increasing the wait time for my lunch. Highly recommended.
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  1. Love chat tai, their pad kee mow with crispy pork is a fave! I usually visit their haymarket store but have been to the one in Westfield. I love their set up with the desserts, although I haven't tried these yet, the flavour combinations are a little out there for me, but one day I will try them!

    1. I've never tried the pad kee mow (too comfortable in my usual choices of boat noodles, pad thai and som tum!) so thanks for the suggestion. Haymarket is too much of a trek for me during work but I usually go to that one for dinner - their desserts are great! I'm not too crazy about the ones which are overly salty (more than you think) but their sticky rice with mango is good as well as their fried bread stick with coconut. Only problem I've found is that often certain desserts are not available because they're daily specials, or they're sold out!