Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sushi Hon, Westfield Sydney

Fancy, fancy. I'm in two minds about Sushi Hon in Westfield Sydney. It's tasty sushi that goes beyond skimpy slivers of salmon and undercooked rice. However Sushi Hon is not cheap. I do realise that being in Westfield Sydney it's almost a rule that everything is a few dollars more than what the going price outside, because you know, it's a classy shopping centre, but it's quite difficult to eat on the cheap here. Sure, the quality is high, but it's easy to eat more than $15 and still not be full. 

It's a nice change though (lots of howevers and thoughs in this post - clearly I'm torn over this) that there's more complex sushi available. We ordered a tuna tataki which sits on a pile of avocado and a helping of fish roe (it's good for the friend on a carb-free diet). Unlike a couple of other sushi trains I've been to, the pricing system isn't marked very clearly, and we were far too easily seduced by all the pretty colours and fresh looking ingredients and chose all the premium priced sushi. Perhaps that's why I'm still bitter about it, and it still wasn't a filling meal.

It's quite busy - filled with a lot more suits than other places. They must be investment bankers or lawyers. I say this in semi-jest.

We were greedy and easily seduced so picked the premium sushi. Beware - they're up to $8 a plate.

It's above standard sushi fare, and though the food is good, I'm not sure if the price is warranted. You're still sitting in a shopping centre food court, no matter how much marble is being used. Rent must be a killer here. 

Speed: Instantaenous (um, you know, being a sushi train and all), but the service is lacking. It took a while to flag down a waitress to get water in the beginning, as well as the bill.

Take-away: According to other blogs, the takeaway here is great. But after you deal with the hassle of pushing through the crowds, grabbing your sushi... it's really not worth your while and you might as well just eat it there.

Eating at your desk: Doable. But as above, it's more precarious trying to balance delicately made sushi back to your desk in a takeaway box. You might as well just eat it there.

Tip: This isn't your standard sushi fare so budget more than $10 fo'sure.

Recommendation: Go if you're feeling... a little fancy.
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