Thai food is pretty trustworthy in Sydney - you're bound to hit a Thai place anywhere in the inner city, and on the most part it's pretty tasty and well-priced.

Thai La-Ong is one of many Thai restaurants on Newtown's King street. I ordered the pad kee-mao with chicken and which has wide noodles, vegetables, chilli and Thai basil. Oh and bonus - they had made a dessert of black sticky rice topped with coconut milk - for free! Score.

Cost: $6.50, cash only.

Value: This is King street Thai. The serving is almost overly generous.

Speed: Lots of room here and they come out pretty snappily whatever the time. On days when the close by University of Sydney is in session, it'll be packed but hey, break is only 1-2 hours so they'll empty out soon enough. It's not really the place where you' want to dawdle.

Take-away: Of course.

Eating at your desk: The thick noodles make it easier to eat at your desk because you can poke them with a fork instead of trying to weave it between the prongs - hence less flickage and spillage. This comes from experience.

Tip: I can't predict when the free dessert happens. Any tips, anyone? Their pad thai is great too, and cheap.

Recommendation: Do it. Cheap, huge servings of food that hits the spot when you're starving. It's a win-win situation. It is what it is - well-priced food with perfunctory service so take it for what it is.  Too bad it's in Newtown so you need to be around the area to try it out.
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