This is the kind of place where people are willing to walk that extra 5 minutes to buy their morning (or afternoon) latte. Although probaly more well known for their coffee (Toby’s Estate), their sandwiches are pretty amazing too. It’s not uncommon to see a line spilling out onto the sidewalk at all hours of the day.

There’s plenty of choices for sandwiches. They’re all around the $10 mark, except for some of the breakfast ones which I’ll review later as you they can be usually purchased all day too.

This is one of my favourite sandwiches hands-down.
Chorizo with grilled capsicum, rocket, goat’s cheese and onion jam on milch. It’s displayed as a roll but I personally prefer it on milch bread instead. By the way, I don’t even like chorizo or goat’s cheese particularly, but this is a pretty amazing combination.

Cost: $9.90 on a roll, $10.90 on sliced bread.

Value: This is what I call yuppie pricing. Remember 15 years ago when ‘Gourmet Sandwiches’ were coming into vogue and people were adding such crazies like smoked salmon?Ok so try to understand why I deviated just then like there, and see this sandwich as being on a whole new level, which is reflected in the prices. Although I secretly baulk at paying more than a few dollars for sandwiches at most other places, these really are worth it. Serving size isn’t huge though, but the ingredients are definitely high quality.

Speed: There’s usually a line, but the pre-made sandwiches are ready instantly (hence their pre-made-ness) but otherwise to have it made on the spot will take about 5 minutes. Again, this is a busy place, so it’s probably not recommended if you want something instantly.

Take-away: With only a handful of seats offered inside that are often occupied by people dawdling with an empty coffee cup and a newspaper, it’s just easier to get it in a bag.

Eating at your desk: The nature of the sandwich is to make it easy to eat without a plate. Depending on how messy you are though, there’s a lot of bits to this particular sandwich which can be troublesome. Air holes in the bread don’t help, either.

Tip: Grab a coffee for yourself or a co-worker for extra brownie points. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out when’s the best time to get there to avoid the queues. Oh, and there’s the option to get it toasted.

Recommendation: This sandwich hits the spot for me each and every time. It’s the go-to place if I don’t know what I feel like for lunch.
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