I've never been to Miso in World Square before but it always seems busy for lunch and even dinner - a good sign. Upon researching, I've discovered it's related to the Japanese restaurant Masuya on O'Connell street, which I like. 

But seriously, how many Japanese lunch places are in the city?

I ordered the salmon set, which at $20 consists of grilled salmon on rice with lashings of Japanese mayonaise (yum), slices of wagyu beef, miso soup, clear noodles, stir-fried vegetables and yogurt with a bit of berry jam - the dessert, I take it. It was the largest meal that was ordered on my table, but hey, all in the name of research, right? It was pretty varied and fair value - I didn't feel like I was getting a steal, exactly - and nowadays, any menu item with the word 'Wagyu' in it seems to warrant a few more dollars.

Cost: $20 approximately for the entire set.

Value: It's fair. You get what you pay for.

Speed: Erratic.

Take-away: They do great looking Bento lunch box sets for take-away! Exclamation intended because they look that good!

Eating at your desk: With a Bento box as good-looking as that - do it. 

Tip: Eating in requires more than a standard lunch break, so give yourself a bit of time.

Recommendation: It was decent, but this won't be on the top of my list to go back and try again. It has great reviews online, especially for its Tonkatsu pork, so maybe I need to give it another shot.

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