Not the most appealing photos of food from a restaurant ever, but hey, you have to work with what you've got, and it is what it is.

I stumbled into this Korean restaurant for lunch and thought it was a good sign that it was relatively busy. We ordered the beef bulgogi and oxtail soup - one each.

I'm not usually a fan of beef bulgogi or most stir-fried protein + rice dishes anyway, so I'll try to set aside my judgement for that. Let's just say it's filling and hits all the right spots when you need to have food for its function rather than for pleasure (for me, anyway).

The oxtail soup was pretty good. I was pretty satisfied with it, so I'm a bit surprised to see the restaurant received some horrible reviews on Urbanspoon. Granted, I need to try some comparable restaurants to be able to get a better idea of price, value and taste during lunch I think. One of the key complaints from the Urbanspoon reviews was price. We actually ordered the chilli chicken with cheese dish (cheese chicken buldak?) as well, for $36. We were actually so hungry we attacked it and forgot to take photos. The serving size was huge, but it felt a bit much for what it is, and I've had better chilli chicken with cheese elsewhere.

Cost: $12 for the beef bulgogi, $13 for the oxtail soup with noodles.

Value: Fair. I'm not going to rave about the value. I'm just going to be like 'eh'. But, you get complimentary Korean condiments, as expected from most (all?) Korean restaurants. Only a valid point if you're like me and like kim-chi and other pickled goods.

Speed: Surprisingly longer than I thought it would be given that it had quietened down by the time I had ordered. Give yourself a bit more time to come here.

Take-away: Available!

Eating at your desk: Rice dishes, yes. Noodle with soup take-away then eating at your desk just makes it difficult for everyone involved.

Tip: Lunch/meal deals are probably the best bet here. You feel a bit rorted ordering from the main dishes menu.

Recommendation: Yes, if you want to fill your stomach, but it's nothing special. Only come if you're close by.

NaruOne Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon