I've walked this place a couple of times but this was the first time I went in. I do like the chocolates at Bon Bon (their dried cherries in dark chocolate are amazing) so I was keen to try out the cafe. 

It might sound odd to say, but this is the sort of place which is quite cute and quaint in a contrived way, and it appears much nicer in photos than in real life. It's hard to put my finger on why.

The cafe was very quiet, despite being on Pitt street. You can't see it from the street, which is such a big drawcard for places now, so being underground (even if under a chocolate shop) is unfortunately not in their favour.

I think that their low turnover and the fact that Bon Bon's core capabilities are in chocolate have weakened their lunch fare. Over time, hopefully it will smooth things out. It's quite a good find for a nice, quiet lunch place where you can bring a friend and seat in relative comfort and actually listen to them, which is almost a rarity. The food was inoffensively nice, but not particularly memorable, which is an unfortunate trend in Sydney now.

Cost: $11.90 for the ham and cheese crepe and salad, $14.90 for the prosciutto and cherry tomato omelette.

Value: Meh.

Speed: Acceptable.

Take-away: Perhaps the hot chocolate drinks, or the chocolate to purchase upstairs.

Tip: Buy a bag of the Sundried Montmorency Cherries in 60% dark chocolate from upstairs.

Recommendation: A cute place to go for a quiet lunch with friends. I have a hunch that they may be better in dessert fare. Coming here is a bit like going to McDonald's for healthy food. I should have known better and stuck to what they're good at.

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