This is likely going to be hugely biased because I have been ridiculously excited about food trucks hitting Sydney for a while.

I cheated and didn't find out where Cantina Mobil is from their Twitter account (Cantina Mobil) but instead went to the One Fine Day wedding fair in Alexandria with a friend who is getting married and I'm the bridesmaid - though really, I was just going because I heard there were food trucks.

And despite my excitement, I really enjoyed the food. It was light, crisp, snappy and tasty and definitely not greasy. The corn was definitely a highlight because it added a sweetness to the taco and really lightened it. Ergo, their chilli corn (on the menu, but I didn't order it) should be a winner too.

Unfortunately I was stuffed from home-made porridge that I had for breakfast earlier or else I would have eaten more. Eat Art Truck were also there but sadly I was too full.

$4.50 for one taco, so $9 all up. I ordered the chicken in the hard taco and pork in the soft taco. 

Value: Amazing value. If you're just mildly hungry, one taco is enough too.

Speed: Great speed. They work fast there!

Tip: When ordering, they advised that the soft tacos were easier to eat on the go (no utensils) than the hard taco. This was definitely the case.

Recommendation:  YES. Loved it. I am going to start stalking all the other food trucks now.

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