Although La Disfida in Haberfield is famous for its pizzas, I'm opening this up with a photo of their pasta because, frankly, it just looks better. 

There we go, there's the pizza.

The prosciutto pizza at $22 was probably the thinnest pizza I've ever had - which, for me, is a good thing. We also ordered the pasta special of pappardelle duck ragu ($26). This served two people

Value: I wouldn't say this was great value. Haberfield/Leichhardt always seems that bit more pricy than what I expect. 

Speed: It came much faster than expected (it was quite busy as well - certainly the busiest place in Haberfield), which made us wonder if it was pre-made - but with the fancy looking wood-fire oven downstairs, it must be fresh. 

Tip: I liked the pizza and it is probably one of the better ones I've had, but I've heard the buffalo mozzarella is best. Order the pizza over pasta - I've harped about focusing on core competencies before, and didn't take my own advice. Pizza over pasta!

Recommendation: Pretty good, but not super-cheap. It's the sort of pizza I like - few toppings with a thin, crispy base. Pasta wasn't too memorable so stick with the pizza. It was slightly pricier than I thought it would be, but I suppose it's because La Disfida is so well-known for its pizza it has been able to get away with it. Service-wise, a couple of online reviews have complained about it but I thought it was fine - though interesting/strange that all the waiters and waitresses working on the top floor spoke French to each other. 

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