The photos here are not flattering. Aesthetically, there's only so much you can do with Mad Mex's 'Grande Melt'.

I've been distracted by the Westfield Sydney food court so I hadn't been to this food court for years. It has the very inelegant name of 'food court under Myer' - that's even what Westfield's own website calls it (see here).

A couple of people have raved about Mad Mex to me lately but I must have come on an off-day. I ordered a Grande Melt with roast pork at $10.90, which is meant to be a quesadilla crossed with a burrito - and hence the name, there's meant to be lots of cheese. Guacamole is actually $2 extra which I ordered, but they forgot to charge me for it. But onto a bigger issue - I didn't really see or taste much cheese in mind at all, which made me a bit sad as I was in a melted cheese-mood (it's been cold in Sydney and melted cheese is my ultimate comfort food). See pics below - is that the amount of cheese it's meant to have?

Flavour-wise it was a bit bland as well and although I'd say I'm a... how to put this delicately - I'm a robust eater - I just got bored of eating this halfway because it was a bit bland. It wasn't particularly pork-y, either. I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt though because the day I went they were very busy and although service was ultra-friendly, they seemed a bit stressed out.

Cost: $10.90 for a 'Grande Melt' which is a quesadilla wrapped burrito style with carnitas - slow-roasted pork with garlic, onion and cumin. $2 extra for guacamole, which they for the sake of being totally honest, they forgot to charge me for.

Value: Shoulder shrug.

Speed: There was a huge queue - it was lunch time peak hour though.

Take-away: Yes! 

Tip: Perhaps ask for more cheese if you like cheese.

Recommendation: They were a bit rush and harried when I was there. Maybe it's tastier when it's less chaotic. I do like how crunchy the tortilla wrap of the Grande Melt was so I'd be willing to give it another shot.

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