Orto Trading & Co in Surry Hills really is just like food porn for anyone with a blog, or a camera. The interiors are so photogenic and they've really got the hipster/Surry Hills yuppie aesthetic right down pat. This place, for me, is the very definition of modern Australian dining. Oh, and did I mention I love the food?

I've been to Orto Trading & Co. previously for dinner and loved it. Their approach to food as well as their interiors really is of the zeitgeist - that whole organic, slow food, authentic movement which sounds all lovely and righteous but honestly, it's a little bit too-cool-for-school, too. No matter! They produce great tasting food. And alright, this isn't exactly a cheap eat, but it's all pretty and light and airy inside and I like the food. I'm conscious that I'm easily influenced by superficialities.

I ordered the hand-made gnocchi (the additional information of 'hand-made' totally sucked me in) for $22. I wasn't feeling very hungry, but I had a gnocchi craving because they seem to be making that a lot on Masterchef recently. And you know when you crave something and you finally get it, and it's just not as good as you imagined? Well, that didn't happen, so I was pleasantly surprised it still managed to surpass the hype/high expectations I created for myself.

Cost: $22 for gnocchi with hazelnut, lemon, parsley and grilled artichoke hearts with burnt butter and marjoram. I also ordered a chai tea that came with honey for $4.50, for full disclosure. 

Value: Not the cheapest, but you're paying for the Surry Hills-ness of it all. You know what I mean by this. And alright, I came here on the weekend. This is weekend fare.

Speed: My dish was the last to come, but they were apologetic about it and I wasn't too fussed. However, I was there on Saturday at 1pm, and we had to wait on the benches outside with tea and coffee for about 20 minutes till we got a seat. It's that type of place. Where in the inner-city don't you have to wait for a meal on the weekend?

Take-away: Maybe... the coffee?

Tip: Do more Instagramming and take more photos. This is actually more of a note-to-self since it's just so photogenic inside. Oh, and I didn't have any wine as I was driving, but everyone seemed happy with their wine.

Recommendation: This is a perfect place to come for the weekend, or a family dinner. Everyone's raving about Chiswick and it's garden, but I think this has the feel of Chiswick (ambient lighting, cool-yet-homely-and-approachable-feel, and Orto apparently means garden in Italian - and look, it has pot plants - come on, it's inner-city), but with far superior food. 

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