Pho An is almost a Sydney institution for its pho (um, hence the name). Above - the chicken combination pho with condiments.

I ordered the chicken combination pho which has a mix of chicken meat and chicken innards (don't wince - this makes it tastier, for me at least). I thought it was lighter than the beef pho, but flavour wise, you really can't go past the original beef pho. Though, to be honest, I don't feel like this was massively better than other pho places and deserved the higher price.

Above - my friend's beef pho in large, $13.
Cost: $13 for combination chicken pho.

Value: A bit much. I thought this was on the pricier side of pho, but I think they feel like they're able to charge more because of the name and all the write-ups they've received in Gourmet Traveller, Sydney Morning Herald, etc.

Speed: As close to instantaneous as possible. They only serve pho, so they have got it down to an art. 

Take-away: Do-able, but I've espoused at length about take-away noodles and soup.

Tip: If you're hungry, that extra 50 cents to upgrade to a large size is very worthwhile. It's about 40% more than the regular size.

Recommendation: Only go if you're in the area. Everyone should try Pho An once because it's so well known in Sydney (and so you can also tell people you went there), but it wasn't so amazing that it's a must. You know, you'll survive without going here and sticking to your original Vietnamese place. If you do go, go for the beef pho - I don't know what I was thinking in choosing the chicken pho - this is not a time to deviate from convention. I know the chicken is meant to be light... but the beef pho flavour was just so much more intense than the chicken. This place is a little over-hyped. 

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