Signature 'piggy face' sesame bun and 'Totoro' marshmallow in an edible garden. $19.90.

I'm going to open up this post with dessert because it really is just too cute.
Macanese-style mini burgers with pork filet, lettuce, pork floss and mayonaise, $13.90.

Sweet and tangy diced chicken in noodles, $13.90.

Oh, Chef's Gallery do savoury dishes too. 
Admittedly, the dessert looks better than it tastes and we over-ordered so we just picked at the dessert. I liked the 'Totoro' marshmallow rabbit - that was the best part of the dessert, and dunking it in the 'grass' coconut - but over all it isn't something you would order if you wanted great food. I feel the same goes the Mini burgers, but maybe I had high expectations for them.

The chicken noodles were popular with my friends but they weren't my taste. I like the noodles, but I prefer the lighter fare like the version with stir-fried ginger and spring onions.  The wontons were a bit 'meh' as well - but all wontons in Shanghainese sauce is going to be meh once you've eaten the ones at Din Tai Fung (review coming soon). I found the beans a bit over-priced.

Total was $71.50 between three people, so about $23.85 each. 
- Chicken noodles (three pieces), $13.90.
- Mini burgers, $13.90.
- Wontons, $8.90.
- Wok-fried beans, $14.90.
- Dessert, $19.90.

Value: Slightly on the pricier side, but we did over-order. I did actually enjoy the meal as a whole though.

Speed: Busy to get in, but the food comes quite properly. Oh, the advantages of Chinese restaurant speed!

Tip: The dessert says it is only available in limited quantities so make sure you order it with your main. 

Recommendation:  For some inexplicable reason I still like coming here even though I think there's better food elsewhere and it's slightly on the pricey side. Maybe I'm being swayed by the pseudo-modern-chic interiors? Their schtick is 'fusion Chinese food' and somehow... I'm sucked right in and I don't know why. No seriously, I do wonder why.

Prawn and pork wontons in Shanghainese spicy sauce, $8.90.

Wok-fried beans in minced pork, $14.90.

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