It's winter which means it's perfect laksa weather. 

Jimmy's Recipe is a favourite of city office workers and food bloggers, especially for their laksa. I hardly see anyone there order anything else. 

I haven't been here for a while because Malay Chinese stole my heart for a bit there, but I thought I should give Jimmy's a spin again for old time's sake, and I was actually pleasantly surprised.

$7.80 for chicken laksa. I did the usual thing and asked for hokkien noodles (yummy, chewy eggy goodness) over vermicelli. I know, I know, I'm weird. Everyone else loves the vermicelli but give me hokkien everyday. 

Value: Great value. What sort of laksa joint doesn't have great value? (Oh yeah. Chinta Ria.)

Speed: They've got it done to a fine art. You get it within a minute of ordering.

Take-away: I haven't done it, but I've had colleagues who have. The laksa can be smelt everywhere and everyone undoubtedly comments on their food (usually about how amazing it must be).

Tip: Don't be put off by the crowds. There's a high turn-over so you'll certainly find room.

Recommendation:  I still prefer Malay Chinese (be still my beating heart) but Jimmy's is a pretty respectable second. I rank it higher than Ipoh and Laksa Laksa.

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