At a place called Laksa Laksa, you have to try their laksa. And particularly of note - they have a deal of two laksas for only $12. 


This place came highly recommended from a friend of a friend who claimed it was better than Malay Chinese on Hunter street (see here for a restaurant review and here for a take-away review) which is my yardstick for laksa. You're either better than Malay Chinese, or you're not, and trust me, nowhere so far is better than Malay Chinese.

I digress. I found the flavour quite complex but lighter, sweeter, and slightly more coconut-y. Did not find it hotter, and I put a whole lot of sambal chilli in it as well, and it was still very mild. Perhaps they're inconsistent with their spiciness. 

$12 for two laksas. It needn't be the same type of laksa - I ordered a chicken laksa with hokkien noodles (I just prefer the chewy, thicker texture over glass noodles) and my friend ordered a vegetable laksa.  

Value: 10 out of 10 for value. 

Speed: Relatively swift. Their ordering and waiting-for-your-meal system needs a bit of ironing out though. You order, get a receipt with a number and sit down and the waitresses are constantly walking around asking what you ordered or what your number is.

Tip: Get the meal deal of two laksas for $12. 

Recommendation:  Malay Chinese is better, but this is cheap and it's a good place to go if you're craving laksa but you're not ready for the whole slog. This is like laksa-lite. There's quite a lot of seating, and it's quite clean and spacious in comparison to many other laksa joints in the city which is a nice change. For another laksa place which has the same sort of feel (clean, plenty of seating, spacious) also check out Ipoh on York.

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