Miss Chu - the famous 'Vietnamese tuckshop' of Darlinghurst has just recently opened its latest outlet in Sydney's CBD and already it's packed. 

Left: prawn and scallop steamed dumplings. Right: Asian vegetables steamed dumplings.

I've already mused upon my uncertainty over Miss Chu's branding strategy (You Ling, We Bling, etc - here) so I won't repeat that. I do like the food at Miss Chu, even if it's not the most authentic but it's the kind of pan-Australian-Asian food that is done so well here - light, tasty and fresh.

Out of the dumplings we ordered, the prawn and scallop steamed dumplings were definitely a highlight.

Regent Place also have a couple of places where I like to eat such as Chef's Gallery (post coming up soon) and Azuma Patisserie. Next to Miss Chu there also a new bar, Assembly Bar, where I noticed a couple of potential Miss Chu customers ended up going to eat instead when they saw the line at Miss Chu (I said Miss Chu far too many times in that single sentence).

Fresh prawn spring rolls.

$26.50 for two people, so $13.25 each.
- Tiger prawn and green mango fresh spring rolls, $7.50 for two.
- Scallop and prawn steamed dumplings, $7 for three.
- Asian vegetables with garlic chives dumplings, $7 for three.
- BBQ pork char sui buns, $2.50 each, we got two for $5.

Value: $7 for three dumplings on its own sounds pretty shockingly expensive to me, but when you order it like how we did above and split it with someone, it somehow comes out looking alright.

Speed: Decent. You write what you want on a piece of paper, hand it in with your name, and they'll call you. If you're sitting around the corner you can miss your order. 

Take-away: We forgot to tell them we were eating there so they packed the food in the take-away containers. It would be easy to bring them back to the office but I'd like to eat the dumplings piping hot. But definitely do-able to eat this at your desk, and everyone will be jealous.

Tip: Don't let the line deter you - due to the nature of the food and the speed of service, if you do that awkward move and hover where you can see people finishing up their meal, you'll find a place in no time. 

Recommendation:  Go - it's a good addition to Sydney city lunch. But have an awareness of what it is (Sydney-fied Asian food). 

BBQ pork char sui buns (these are filling because they're so doughy).

Asian vegetables steamed dumplings.

Prawn and scallop steamed dumplings.

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