Cold drip machine.

One of my friends has been raving about this cafe for weeks. She works nearby and has become a regular (while we were scrambling to pay, they offered to let us pay 'some other time' - attesting to their friendly service and my friend's regularity).

Cold drip coffee, $8 for one serving, but split between two so worked out to be $4 each.


One of the weaknesses in Sydney's CBD area is that it lacks the cafe culture which is apparent in Melbourne's CBD, or even in the inner-city suburbs like Darlinghurst and Surry Hills. Most of the cafes or food places in Sydney's CBD seem to be perfunctory - basic sandwiches, limp salads and not much personality. 

It seems to be such a great business idea to open up a cafe 'with personality' like Palomino - I could be wrong, but apparently the owners are from Melbourne, and the 'Melbourne-CBD-cafe' vibe definitely came through. I'm not quite sure how else to describe these sort of cafes - they're more personal, and it's got differentiating features which sets them apart - for Palomino, I'd say it's their Cold Drip coffee. Oh, and I do love the high ceilings. They've really made the most of their space. This is one of those under the radar Sydney cafes. It has 100% on Urbanspoon so far, and I can only see it growing in popularity. It's a great place to grab a coffee before work, or have a casual work breakfast or lunch rather than taking clients/colleagues/etc to another generic city cafe with lacklustre food. 

$15 per person.
- Cold drip coffee with maple syrup and/or brown sugar, $8 for one serving but I split it.
- Eggs benedict with smoked salmon $8.
- Portuguese egg tart $3.

Value: Not amazing but I think it's a cute-looking place with great service so I'll let that pass.

Speed: Prompt with drinks, longer for food. We were there for a late lunch (1.45pm) and it wasn't too busy. 

Tip: Try the Cold Drip. They offer it with maple syrup or brown sugar. I found maple syrup easier to dissolve.

Recommendation:  Highly recommended. I'd love for places like this to encourage a trend for cute little inner-city-style cafes in the Sydney CBD area.

Eggs benedict with smoked salmon, $8.

Portuguese egg tart, $3.

Palomino Espresso on Urbanspoon