Duck noodle soup - BBQ duck filet with flat rice noodles and Chinese vegetables.

I was deliberating over writing this post for so long. Then, I realised I was procrastinating over it because I was a bit indifferent to it. I didn't love what I ordered, but then it wasn't a huge failure either. Maybe I should have ordered something else. The duck definitely did have a distinctly 'BBQ duck' flavour, and the soup was very mild (maybe too mild?). I prefer the punchy flavours of the duck soup at Chat Thai to be honest, but maybe this was meant to be a different sort of dish. Pluses are that there was quite a lot of duck meat. I felt though, that the flavours of the duck disappeared with it sitting in the mild broth.

$15.90 for duck noodle soup and a Thai tea - I don't remember the price for this, but it couldn't have been more than a few dollars.

Value: Meh. But I'm a bit meh about this place. Though I did enjoy my Thai tea!

Speed: Slightly longer than I expected considering how quiet the restaurant was, but it made me feel a bit better that they were making our orders fresh. The service was friendly and it was clean and distinctively didn't have that same (euphemistically) grungy feeling prevalent at King st, Newtown Thai joints.

Tip: Looking online, people talk about a lunch special which I failed to make the most of. Also, their dry noodle dishes looked better.

Recommendation:  This is a bit of a shoulder shrug. It's acceptable, but I wouldn't go out of my way to come here.

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