A new Japanese ramen place to try always gets me excited.

Gumshara is another place which I had been hearing about time and time again. It's a bit further out of the main Sydney CBD but it's well worth the trip. They serve tonkatsu ramen from 3pm-5pm so unfortunately that's not lunch time for me. Instead, I ordered the BBQ pork ramen - the soup was so thick it was almost like gravy, making me wonder what the tonkatsu ramen would be like! 

It's in a food court in Chinatown which I had never been to, but the vibe reminded me of the food courts in Singapore; a bit dingy and low ceilings, but hey, that just adds to the atmosphere and I wasn't fussed at all. I'll put up with a lot for quality ramen.

Cost: $12 for BBQ pork ramen, $1.50 for a soft boiled egg.

Value: Acceptable. The serving size is huge. I would be happy to have half the size and pay $6 though.

Speed: Quite fast, and I not that busy, especially given how much I had heard about it. I suppose it's a bit further from the usual office lunch area. 

Tip: Make the most of the condiments area: the pickled garlic and the ginger are especially good.

Recommendation:  Yes! Granted, I wasn't in a ravenous mood when I went to Gumshara which is a shame because I would have enjoyed it more if I was starving. For that particular day, it was almost too rich for me - and trust me, this is something I never say. Next time, though! There's also a $25 'Mega Ramen' available which you're game - it looks a bit scary.

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