I always tell myself that I don't like chorizo but that is a horrible, horrible lie. 

I'd be hearing good things about Vargabar in Newtown for a while. It's nice to have a change from the usual Surry Hills cafe (ha, see how that long lasts for me) and I was not disappointed. I'm now a little obsessed with this place and now just wonder when my next Vargabar hit will be.

Cost: $13.90 for pan baked eggs served with Cajun tortilla with chorizo (or bacon), chilli pumpkin, tasty tomato, spinach, parmesan and pear chutney. 
Around $4 for the hazelnut mocha, so $17.90 all up.

Value: Decent. It tasted so good though, that they could have charged me more and I would have been happy.

Speed: Super friendly service and service was prompt, despite the restaurant being busy (and some of the menu had already sold out).

Take-away: Maybe the coffee and sandwiches.

Tip: Chorizo!

Recommendation:  Just looking at the photos is making me hungry. I'm a little bit in love with this place now. It's an underrated gem which is rare to find in Sydney nowadays.

And look, I like it so much, here's another pic of the pan baked eggs with Cajun tortilla. The flavours on this was so well-balanced and just tasty all around. I usually like my eggs soft and gooey and these were slightly overcooked for my liking but it tasted so good that I looked past it.

And the hazelnut mocha was so delicious that I wanted to order another one.

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