Old faithfuls. That's what Spice I Am is like for me in Sydney in terms of Thai food.  

Bright, friendly, enticing and with more accolades than you can point a stick out. What's not to like?

Examine the menu carefully and keep tabs on how you order and what you order. It's easy to go overboard, and agree to all of the waiter's/waitress' recommendations. 

- Basil crispy pork belly, $17.90.
- Larb - minced pork salad, $13.90
- Fish cakes - they were a special so I forgot the price. I think about $10.
- Rice, $2.50 per person, so $5 for two.
Total: $46.80.
Per person: $23.40.

Value: Looking back, we could have done without the Larb. There were leftovers - a definite sign of over-ordering. It probably would have been more reasonable if we had ordered properly. I didn't even put the photo of the Larb at the beginning of the post - that's how indifferent I was to it.

Speed: So-so. It's small and they want to get you in and out quickly so the speed at which they do that is impressive. Service is friendly, but sometimes you feel like they're up-selling. 

Take-away: Naturally.

Tip: It moves quite quickly, but be sure to get here early to get a place or be prepared to wait.

Recommendation:  Great Thai food, even if it's become somewhat of a destination place. The Basil Crispy Pork Belly dish is a stand-out. The Larb I could have done without, and the fish cakes, while nice, were nothing out of the ordinary for fish cakes. Maybe I'm being too harsh on Spice I Am because it's so well-known, but I think I could have ordered better. Oh well, there's always next time!

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