I love finding a good find. It's reasonably priced, tasty and well-sized proportions. Win! 

Ok, so despite my laudatory comments in the first comment, I'm the first to admit that this place probably won't knock your socks off. It's basic and tasty food for a decent price in a cute cafe/restaurant (it's a little cheesy, but hey, what can you do?). These places are hard to find in Sydney now, especially in the inner-city. 

And I always give extra points for anything that has lovely, gooey, melted cheese on it.

Cost: $10 for baked eggplant with bread on the side. 

Value: Great value. It's served in a way that makes you think you paid more than $10 for it. 

Speed: I wasn't in a rush so to be honest I didn't notice, but it certainly didn't lag. 

Tip: I came here on a tip and the baked eggplant was highly recommended for being tasty and good value. So, go forth and order this.

Recommendation:  Yes! I was with other friends who ordered other dishes and everyone was happy with it. The baked eggplant was the most popular though, so I would be reluctant to deviate from this.

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