This is such a cute cafe in Leichhardt. 

It's so cute and great service I'm almost loathe to admit that I didn't love this sandwich.

I ordered a pork sandwich with coleslaw. In my opinion, pork to coleslaw ratio weight too heavily on the coleslaw, when I wish there was more pork. This has been echoed by other online reviewers. I read recently a chef who was saddened by all these 'couch reviewers' who can severely affect a restaurant or cafe's business, and that made me sad too! I really liked this place and will definitely go back so I hope I haven't deterred anyone.

I tried their chicken sandwich with fontina cheese which I liked much more. Also their coffee is great! A lot of people ordered their egg dishes, so I think I'll try that next time.

Cost: $9.50 for a pork sandwich with coleslaw.

Value: Good. The serving was huge, service is great.

Speed: Speedy. It wasn't busy - this cafe gets full when primary school starts (Leichhardt mums in gym gear) and when it ends (as before, with kids in tow). 

Tip: Um, coffee yes, chicken sandwich yes, maybe pass on the pork sandwich unless you ask for less coleslaw. 

Recommendation:  Service here is absolutely lovely and I like the coffee. It's cosy and there's always space available. It's a really great atmosphere - so welcoming and warm, and the baked goods look GREAT.

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