Baked eggs with chorizo and extra haloumi


I came here because Revolver had a one hour wait on a Sunday morning. You have to read further to see the photo of the brownie platter which was definitely the highlight of the meal.

I've driven past Clover before (on the way to Revolver... rhyming names) and have noticed that it always seems to be buzzing.

I was with two other people so we ordered quite a bit... don't judge.

Open smoked salmon sandwich

- Baked eggs with chorizo, $13, with added haloumi, $3
- Open sandwich with smoked salmon $13.50 
- Baked breakfast hot pot with goat's cheese, $16 
- Brownie plate with ice-cream and chocolate sauce, $12 

Value: Standard cafe value. 

Speed: Well-intentioned but needed prompting. 

Tip: Passable. 

Recommendation:  It was decent, but it didn't blow my mind. I prefer my eggs to be less cooked in baked egg dishes but that's a personal preference. I felt like the flavour needed a big kick in the arse. The brownie plate was fun though. I don't know, it's no Revolver for me. It's a nice local cafe that I wouldn't mind to nip in for a quick coffee. However, the brownie platter was pretty amazing. I liked the cherries on it - that was a nice touch. 

Clover's famous breakfast hotpot 

The amazing brownie platter

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