I know I've been a bad food blogger - I'm sorry!

This originally started out as a lunch blog but it's slowly morphing to the more, well, amorphous 'breakfast/brunch/lunch' category. As I've previously stated, I'm a bit of a fan of the all-day breakfast. 

I grew up around Balmoral Beach so would visit all the time as a child. I hadn't been back for years and had forgotten how beautiful it was.

Bathers' Pavilion is the type of place where it's great for tourists because it's exactly what one would imagine Sydney to be: airy cafe dining on a beach. However it's always the perfect place for Sydneysiders to remember why Sydney is so great and absolutely unique. We just have an unbeatable lifestyle. 

- Eggs benedict with short bacon and hollandaise sauce, $21.50. 
- Serge's oven baked beans with smoked ham hock and sourdough, $21.50. I added an extra poached egg on this, which was $5. Come on, you have to have a gooey poached egg on top of baked beans for breakfast! 
For the full menu, have a look here

Value: Expensive. But man, you're on Balmoral Beach!

Speed: Well-paced. We were there on a weekend and it was only half full, so it was good that service was prompt but you didn't feel rushed.

Tip: Don't make my mistake and park on the more expensive side of the street if you're driving here. The side of the street which is closer to the beach is paid parking and very expensive. Apparently (so I was told by my Northsider friends who I met up with for breakfast) the side of the street further from the beach is free parking. 

Recommendation:  It's more expensive than most other breakfast places - I dare you to find somewhere more expensive - but it's such a beautiful location, and walking up and down Balmoral Beach afterwards is a treat. 

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