Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pepper Lunch, Sydney CBD/Chinatown

I frequented Pepper Lunch more often when I was at university. I liked it, but had told myself it was because it was within my budget and the servings were huge.

I returned recently and was pleasantly surprised to discover I still enjoyed eating there. And interactive food! How fun! 

And it's friendly on the wallet. The serving sizes are big here, so come if you're hungry.  

The concept is that you have a hot plate with rice, a protein and some spring onions and corn. On each table there are several sauces like soy sauce which you can add as you wish. You basically mix it up so it looks like this:

- Beef pepper rice: $8.90.
- Salmon pepper rice: $11.
- Miso soup: $2.50 (forgot to take a photo of this).

Value: Great value, but the add-ons can add up. But you're already starting off so low anyway, so it's fine. 

Speed: Fast-food level. Great!

Tip: Um, don't touch the hot metal plate! 

Recommendation:  It's great for a quick lunch. It's not first date material, but somewhere you go when you feel comfortable with someone, because your clothes stink a bit afterwards. 

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